Anybody know what font these numbers belong to? Saw them in an infographic and would like to try them myself.



The thing about IDing a font from numbers is that you sometimes can't be sure whether you're looking for a serif or sans face. You have to be prepared to look at thousands of fonts, unless you recognize them from the start.

I'm sorry to say this, but it would have to be a really SLOW day for me to want to spend that much time hunting for a font based on two numbers. This looks maybe like a condensed sans to me, but it might be a slab serif too.

- Mike Yanega

I must have had nothing else to do ;-)

I concluded that this is probably a slab serif, because few sans serif 2's look like this. My closest candidate is Geometric 703 Condensed. This is the Bitstream version of Memphis, I think, but other Memphis versions didn't have the condensed weights.

- Mike Yanega