creating a condensed version from an existing font

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I am working for a company that is currently using Hedustry as a corporate font for all its online and print communication.
We are planning on developping a condensed version of the Heldustry. But first I would like to know how I have to proceed.
The company already have several licences to use the Heldustry font.
I wonder if I am allowed to design for them the condensed version of Heldustry. I check the agreements of the font but there is nothing about that kind of case in it. The condensed version is aimed to be used as a corporate font by this company and only by this company.
There is no intention of selling the condensed font to third parts.
So the question is I am allowed to design the condensed version of the type without any copyright infringements ?

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The company already have several licences to use the Heldustry font.

Read the licence. it will answer your question.

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I did but couldn't find anything about creating new family from the existing font.
Does it mean that if it is not written done, I can do it ?

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EULAs are rarely comprehensive. Actually, never.
And quite often they contain despotic clauses best ignored.

My own view is generally that if a modified font will not leave the hard
drive(s) of a party that has properly paid for the original, it's all good.


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This paragraph of the URW licence prohibits you from adapting the software:

"You agree not to modify, adapt, translate, rent, lease, lend, resell, distribute, produce, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, redigitize or create derivative works or typefaces based on the URW++ Software or the typefaces created electronically or in hard copy form as a result of the use of the URW++ Software."

But why do you need to adapt Heldustry?
Heldustry is "square Helvetica", and Helvetica Condensed is square, why not use it?

If you consider the Light/Regular Helvetica Condensed to be too rounded, then use Akzidenz Grotesk Condensed.

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This is corporate ego. The company is huge and THEY have Heldustry for several years as a corporate font. The design agency that sold them the ID explained that Heldustry had something special compared to Helvetica… Now they believe it and would like to have the condensed version. And as money can buy anything here I am ready to make the condensed version. I tried to explain that Helvetica would be a good alternative as a condensed version but they prefer Heldustry. Now, I will not complain, as for once, a client believe in type design as a corporate tool :)

I contacted Monotype but am not sure they are the one who own the copyrights. Fontshop says it is a creative alliance font > Monotype. But no answer until now.

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FWIW, Identifont gives TypeSpectra as copyright holder.

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With apologies to Gorgias:
From my experience, generally when you ask somebody whether they own something:
1) If they know they don't, they generally stay totally silent...
2) If they're not sure, they say they do.
3) And if it's a contested ownership they will not mention the other party.



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Phil Martin died in 2005, so the type design of Heldustry is not in the public domain.

TypeSpectra was a company own by Phil Martin. How is it since 2005?

Has URW a licence to make profit of the digitalized version of TypeSpectra fonts?

You can always say that you've TRIED to contact the copyright owners... but I suppose you know the story of the sword of Damocles...

But, I'm not sure really sure that URW knows exactly how things actually stand about Heldustry...

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> Heldustry is not in the public domain.

But he doesn't intend to redistribute it, so that's moot.


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Well… it is complicated !!! I'll wait (a week) and see what happen. The dumb thing is that there are tons of people out there that modify accents on font (for example) and don't even care that it is not allowed. I guess I want to do it just right and be troubles free but this is a PITA to follow the right way !!! Sometimes I wonder if it worth it to even ask !

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