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I really hope I'm putting this in the right place. Feel free to chew me out and move it if it's not, sorry!

I was at a high school journalism conference at the University of Texas last weekend, and in the class I was in, we were given the opportunity to design a random page. So, the page I designed is one that I've had rolling around my head for quite some time; basically it was a feature page on student artists. For this, I decided to find a nice, messy, handwriting font for the headlines. Now, we were on UT's macs in their journalism room, so I didn't have access to the fonts I usually would have sprung for, but I settled on a nice font called Handwriting Dakota. When I got home, I started googling around to find more out about this font and I couldn't find anything. I don't know where it came from, or where I could get it to use again if I wanted.

I'm going to post a sample of it, I'm curious to see what you guys think of it. It's, so far, my favorite messy, handwriting font I've been able to find. Are there other ones you guys like more?

Here's a random sample (it's even hard to find samples of it!): http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_YISIpG_ed7o/SFqWFrIXO3I/AAAAAAAAAP4/LxrTQaHc0A...

While I'm at it, I'm super new, could someone tell my how to embed a photo, instead of just posting a link?

Thanks guys :]

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I don’t think "Critique » Script / Handwriting / Graffiti" is the appropriate place for this (it is meant for asking opinions about one’s own designed fonts).
But you can move it yourself to a better section:

And the you can also embed one or more image(s) (590px max width).

As for the font, it comes with Mac OS X/iMovie ’09. It was created by Vletter.com in 1995 and taken over by Apple in 2001. Browsing through old treads, it turns out (thanks Mike Y. :-) it’s available as Fultons Hand: http://www.kandjsupplies.com/text_fonts_handwriting/fultons_hand.html

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Another handwriting typeface you might like is Suomi Hand: http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/singles/suomi_type_foundry/suomi_hand_scri...

It has lots of open type features and alternate characters which makes it feel more like it was actually handwritten.

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What my google-fu dredged up indicated that Handwriting Dakota comes with something called iLife, but since my response to iAnything is avoidance, I do not know first-hand.

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I do love Suomi Hand, but I'm not sure if I'm the biggest fan of Olicana. I feel like some of the letters clash with each other a little bit. But keep 'em comin', I like looking at pretty script typefaces.

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Many script fonts is that they don't look "messy" at headline size, but blobby and autotraced, so not at all like writing blown up.

So look for something with a lot of "ink-on-paper" detail, more so than general style.

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That Dakota font is from the old ClickArt collection called Handwritten Fonts. I'm familiar with this collection because my hand printing sample became "Bowfin" in that collection. There was a company called Signature Font, I think, that turned your printed sample into a font for around $50 back in the mid-1990's and they sent some of us letters requesting permission to use our fonts in a collection they were compiling for Click Art. As our payment, we got a free copy of the font CD when it was released.

As far as I know, besides Dakota being used by Apple, the collection is still available embedded with other ClickArt collections that are sold by Broderbund.

The 'alias names' were from a WSi collection that had copied and renamed the ClickArt fonts. They distributed their renamed copies to other vendors to sell, until eventually I think they were told to cease and desist using fonts that were not their own. I'd like to think I was one of the people who blew the whistle on them, because Precision Type was starting to offer the renamed collection by WSi and I wrote to Precision Type and explained the history. They were immediately withdrawn from sale.

- Mike Yanega

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