Interrobang Design

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What is Interrobang? Is it important in Typography?
The design of Interrobang (?+!) commonly not good when the text size is tiny. It seems crowd.


The crowd one:

The better one:

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link again 0_o"

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Well there were a lot of talk here on Typophile, on a lot of topics. It would be better to check if the issue you’re interested in was already discussed. You can also resuscitate an old thread, adding what you think it’s missing to it!

(sorry, I’m lazy ;-)

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Is it important in Typography?


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I think the interrobang is an interesting concept. But then again, I feel like our current punctuation system(s) is/are perfectly sufficient for communication. I mean, it's obviously sufficient, because various people have pushed for the interrobang, and it's never been adopted by any major publication.

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> our current punctuation system(s) is/are perfectly sufficient for communication.

No way. Reading to the end of a sentence only to find out it was supposed to be
a question?! Come on. Having to change the typestyle to mark emphasis?! Sheesh.


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Emphasis!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Oh yeah. It's hard to type our emotion, right?

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Weird Interrobang design, Designed by Me hahahaha

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Wow, the first one is clever - and it might just work!


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I made that from Helvetica and Georgia

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Shameless side comment: We currently have an interrobang up in the Intermediate Type ID Quiz. If you can identify the typeface you win... uh... glory! ;)

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