typography, always original?

Just a thought. The specialties of typography (such as font creation within the creative process, a digital letter) is its sensitivity to the originality and mastery of advanced techniques of production of a work of fonts. Why is happen? The reason is the thousands and even millions of typographer always" fighting in the battle field" about "the appearance of different" from at least 256 classic characters from the Latin letters. Not to mention other forms of the more original form of digitalization of the letter in the local language (eg local language in the homeland, and the unique characters from other countries such as cyrillic, Arabic, Greek and Latin, etc.). Even more interesting that the uniqueness of a work of typography also mostly found in the form of a beautiful caligraphy which different from each other.

When all the people writing their own letter "a" here, guaranteed to be different from each other, both in appearance, size, thickness and so on. It will also be the same if we say that the handwriting of each person is always different.

A spontaneous Handwriting, may be we categorized the most original works from intuition and the ambidexterity. But all of that (very possible) can be changed when the original works entered to digital design that will be contact with the the basic rules of typeface. Adjustment of the size, density, thickness, height, slope and so on will be done, which also allows the shape change from its original form. If by chance -- the output -- there are similarities with the work of others. Are they still the original? That is the real challenge for the originality. :-)