Script font: Mr Burton - critique

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I made this font just over 10 years ago (it's the first and only font I ever made) and I've finally got the courage to dust it off and finish it.

I know the flourishes need work and my kerning's not too hot either but right now, it's the shape of the letters I'm struggling with. The 'f'. the 'h' and the 'n' have different stroke widths but when you put them together they seem to work but when I look at it again, the 'f' needs to become thicker.

What do you think?

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I decided to stop waffling and have a closer look and my curves are terrible, the letters too different and it's not even closed to becoming polished so I'm ignoring everything but my letter shapes. This was made with a broken mapping pen and I wanted to have each letter a little different but I'm changing my mind as I go along.

You can see some of the changes in the jpeg - the top alphabet is the original and the alphabet below is the work in progress - but I might change directions entirely

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Not bad, but I think you shouldn't reuse shapes for different glyphs in the font - that makes it look artificial rather than natural, (as real handwriting).

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not dead. broke arm so update will take a couple of months. thx AKatt, didn't think of natural vs artificial.

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