Any favorite system fonts or computer-style fonts for binary design?

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So, I caught a friend of mine sifting around DA Fonts looking for a typeface for a design that involves binary code...namely, a bunch of ones and zeros. The string of code looks like this:

01100101 01110110 01101111 01101100 01110110 01100101

Exciting, right? I was thinking something with a little more decoration to the 0's (dots, dashes), with blocky forms that aren't too heavy, along with serifs on the 1. So while I sift through my own collection of typefaces, I decided to propose a few questions to all of you seasoned typophiles...

What is your favorite system/small/8bit/computer font?
Do the 1's and 0's in the typeface invoke the feeling of retro computer technology effectively, while remaining clean and legible from a distance?

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Courier does it for me.


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I'm not sure that, in this case, where there isn't any possibility of it beyng confused with any other glyph, a slashed zero is the best option. An "empty" one would be more distinct from 1s.
Monospaced, definitely.

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