NEUTRA DISPLAY Titling alternatives?

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Apologies if this thread has been repeated but I work in an agency where this font has been used for press way too much. It's time for a change - anyone know any fonts that are similar?
Thank you

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Thank you frode frank - is this font available? I think it's great!!

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I’ll direct Sindre to this thread, Sam.

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I have answered in the Telefon thread. Thank you very much for the interest.

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Not much other than Canterbury has quite such a small x-height.
Other mid-century modern small-x geometric faces that aren't Futura or Kabel:
Bernhard Gothic

Updating the concept: Brandon Grotesque, Verlag

Klingspor produced an ultra-small x-height version of Koch Antiqua (not available in digital?), but AFAIK, did not do the same for its sans sister Kabel.

I sense a market opportunity for ultra-small x-height faces.

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Thank you Sindre and Nick! Both have been very helpful!!

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