Need webfont similar to Neutraface

Neutraface is not yet available, as far as I can find, as a web font. Does anyone know one close? It doesn't have to be free, like a Googlefont.




If you could mean Neutraface No. 2 then Proxima Nova from Mark Simonson is available as a web font.

Kabel or Futura are also geometric and have the pointed vertex letters.

- Mike Yanega


I'm also looking for a good web font substitute for Neutraface No. 2 (text ---> book) . Any other ideas besides Proxima Nova ?


In the same ballpark, in three weights plus italic, minus the low midline...

It's deliberately "softer" and quirkier than Neutraface, but Brandon Grotesque could work:

An option:

.. but you must contact me directly for details.