Spacie kind of font? Do YOU know it?

Hey Guys n Gals..

Need a font ID on this one. Do you know it?




My first thought was HVD Comic Serif, but the capital Y's were all wrong. Now I'm guessing Salvo Serif Black.

Dude... what are you clicking on? It's not even a serif font...


My mistake, I saw your tweet and went to the site, I hadn't registered yet, so it wouldn't let me see your attachment, I went off of the headline. It wasn't until I checked back I realized there was an attachment.

Now that I can see it, The K is unique, edited in Illustrator I would guess, but for the base font? Cube OT-XExpd Bold from Font FF Cube ( fairly close, it's not it. The bowls in the P's and m's aren't right.

I found that This logo was created in 2007: "Following the completion of a string of strategic acquisitions in the last couple of years the company in late 2006 decided to iron most of its acquired brands into one single name—that of Samskip—as an updated corporate identity was launched"

Looking at the fonts embedded in Samskip's annual reports they are big on Univers, Futura and Helvetica. Pretty standard for business in general and Scandinavian design in particular.

Also, sure you saw this, it's the Samskip Style Guide, lots on what not to do and colors, sadly not on the fonts :

Finally there is even a Flickr Photostream of North Sea Shipping company logos and marketing... people collect the most interesting things!

Don't know if any of that helped. Let us know if you figure it out! Hopefully someone else knows, now it's bugging me! Good Luck!

Wow thank you - that was pretty amazing feedback...

Even the company can't inform me - how uncool is that? They have bought another company and want me to do the existing logo in samskips typeface, only... they don't know what it is...

Guess I have to to this manually. Cool with the FF cube and thats the second time I got that respond so I might use that for base...

Thank you again...