(x) La Luna Oil - Mrs. Eaves {JMC}

Hi there — this logotype is in some kind of Baskerville / Mrs eaves small caps, but I would appreciate any help pinning it down!

thanks for your time!


I have tried out Mrs Eaves Petite + small caps — both seem a bit lightweight — I am wondering if there is a ‘medium’ baskerville with small caps…


If I stroke Mrs Eaves small caps slightly it looks spot on…

Yes, Matthew. I know it’s a little bit lighter, but the general proportions are so similar that I think it’s a screen artifact, perhaps Photoshop rasterization…

I’d been trying some Baskervilles but they didn’t match.

I’m with Jose. Looks like Mrs. Eaves. That C is a dead give away, none of the Baskervilles I can find have such pronounced serifs.