(x) Brendel Informatik 2 - WTC Favrile {Mike Yanega}

Trying to learn the original typeface for these Brendel Informatik fonts (likely they are ripoff clones).

This is a set of 8 fonts with light through bold with italics. My image uses the regular weight with a sampling of it’s italic at the bottom. MyFonts’ WhatTheFont was no help.


I’m pretty sure that not all the Brendel’s are clones. This
may be a Brendel / Quick Brown Fox / Softmaker / Type &
Workshop / B&P Graphics original.

OK. Thanks Stephen.

This font is WTC Favrile. It was in one of the Expresiv collections as “Fascinate”. It was designed by Tom Carnase in 1985 for the World Typeface Center. The book I have showing it says Autologic and Linotype also sold it, but this was a book published 13 years ago (Modern Encyclopedia of Typefaces 1960 — 1990, by Lawrence Wallis.)

Well thank you yet again Mike.

The only online references I could find to Favrile were here & here.

I rather like the typeface.

Mike, thanks for those links. I have never seen that site before, and that is a great place to see some samples in a nice clear format. Too bad the samples focus on lowercase and not uppercase very much (and that there are relatively few selections), but I understand the amount of work involved, believe me. I’ve bookmarked the site.