Survey for Mac Users: Which OS are you using?

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Mac users: are you using OS X or OS 9.

Don't be shy, you lurkers. Post anonymously if
you have to. (I know this is highly
non-scientific. Just looking for a ball park idea
of the adoption of X among our users.)

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X (with Fog in Classic Mode).

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9. And I never intend on using X.

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Joe -

Purchased X. Installed X. Didn't like X because everything I was doing was in Classic anyway. Re-installed 9.1. Dual 450 G4 crashes about twice a day. Crashing no biggie because I've been on a Mac since 1990 and I'm used to it. (Attack of the Crashing Quadras!) As a defense mechanism, I save save save as I work. My first Mac, the Classic SE with 40MB HD, never bombed.


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I had a powerbook from the early 90's, can't remember the model, but it was military green and had a monochrome screen. It doesn't have X... obviously, and no, it can't run 9 either. :)
The HD was a bernoullidisc @ 90 meg, expensive as hell... and it bombed on me a couple of years ago...

That Mac is still on. I really never turned it off, it's at my parents house now working as a typewriter basically :)

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9.1 on a beige G3 233

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I run 9.2.2 on a G4. I've tried to install OSX several times to try it out. But it won't install for some reason.
I'm not looking forward to OSX. I started to love working on a Mac due to the simplicity of everything & all
I've read about OSX, especially the type management, sounds far to complicated.

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9.2.2 Haven't used X yet but I'm hardly partial to the artsy aqua interface so not really gagging for it either. We need an interface with flames and checks and speed stripes and partially clad demon girls! Yeah!

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I've been using MacOS X since summer last year on my iBook, but its only been my "permanent" operating system since the performance issues were at least partially sorted out and feature set expanded to a more comfortable system with the release of 10.1. Now I run 10.1.4 permanently, only needing Classic for Photoshop and Fontlab.

I think I am one of the few who rather likes the new look and antialiasing, but I do thank heavens for the Graphite colour scheme option :)

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OS 9. Although I'm completely intrigued by OS X. And the fact that Illustrator 10 runs for crap on OS 9.

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X all the way. I've got X windows installed, and am learning to love the command prompt. I've got apache server with php running on my laptop and can test any web work I'm doing locally. There still isn't a font creation app native for X, but there haven't been any upgrades in that category since system 7. They eye candy kind of bugs me, and slows things down a bit. But I hate going back to nine now that I'm used to X. (very few crashes by the way).

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8.6 - Gotta love progress, fact is I've got all the useful tools I need for my pigged out 9600 PowerMac with the Newer G4 Card.

I've been "thinking" about buying a new Mac and starting over to some degree, but there is no compelling argument yet. My set up is more than adequate for fontmaking, print, and web design.

Stuart :D

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MacOS 9 on a beige (God help me) PowerMac 9500/200. I recently acquired a friend's used iMac, and have begun the process of transferring to the newer machine.... :)

(Gradually leaving the '90s... :) )

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Have used X since public beta (18 months ago), but basically can't stand it for long as it's buggy and slow. If the UI and speed issues get sorted out I'll make the switch, but it's a long way from there yet. I also don't find it any more stable than 9.x, despite what's claimed.

I go through stages of trying X for a week or so, but it quickly wears out its welcome.

So, sticking with 9.

On the other hand I've just set up a web server using X, and I'm reasonably happy with that - but then there are no user interface issues with a server.

We're currently running one web server on 8.6, one on 9.2 and one on X - how's that for consistency.

Er... and the networking setup in X isn't flexible enough for my needs.

Steve Jobs said at the recent (Apple) World Wide Developers Conference that 1 million people were using X at the beginning of the year, and he hopes for 5 million by the end of the year. Frankly, 1 million is pitiful, and marks what people really think of X despite all the hype - it's around 3% of the installed base. To get to 5 million all Apple has to do is claim that most of the Macs they ship this year are "actively" running X.

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Both. I like Freehand 5.5 for the speed.This must run on OS9.2 On occasion I use FH 10 as well as Quark, Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator for these I run OSX

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Stuart, you've got me beat: I'm still running 8.1, believe it or not. On a beige tower 233 G3.

I'm not necessarily looking forward to the day (probably soon) when I'll have to upgrade to a G4 and OS 9. I hate upgrades.

-- K.

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9.0.4. And hating it.

I have tons of audio editing stuff that won't work under X, probably never will. I've wanted OS X since the days when they were calling it NextSTEP, but I'm going to have to buy a new machine to run it. I have a Pismo with 192MB, so it'll run X just fine, just not with all the Cubase, Recycle, and Edirol stuff I'm using. The Big Three audio editors still don't support it.

When FontLab 4 comes out for OS X, I'll likely buy a new machine.

Honestly, I can't stand pre-X MacOS. The only reason I ever bought a Mac was to run RoboFog. (Windows ain't so great either, don't get me wrong.) NextSTEP, Objective C, WebObjects, a real command line... now that I can use.

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OS9.2 on a dual 450 G4 & OS9 on a 333 Lombard. No plans to go X on either!

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John, why don't you switch to X, which gives you the ability to switch back to "classic" at will.

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OS 9 all the way.
Wish I was still using 8 actually.
Illustrator 8 into FOG and then into Fontlab, in that order.
I'm hoping I can use OS 9 for many years to come as OSX is terrible. I want to shoot myself in the face when I even think about it.

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9.2.2 on a G4 450 single processor - and i will NEVER go OSX.

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I didn't much like OSX at first, but I am trying to integrate it into my life little by little. Initially, everything I did was in Classic mode, which is utterly pointless. I think the whole concept of Classic was a big mistake on Apple's part. Like swimming in a mountain lake, the only way to do it is to dive in. All or nothing. Otherwise it's tippy-toe torture, and that's exactly what Classic is.

Early on, pretty much all I did was fiddle with the OS for a few moments once or twice a week, but now I have Photoshop, Illustrator, BBEdit and Toast running native. Once FontLab, QXP and Dreamweaver are X'd, I'll use it more often.

Besides not having my favorite apps native, the thing that drives me the most nuts about X is saving and opening files from dialog boxes. Sometimes I have no idea how I navigated to a particular volume and folder... Sometimes it seems like the OS won't let me save/open stuff where I want it, and if I do manage, I fear I'll never find it again! In other words, some of the most basic tasks are rendered needlessly complex in X.

For the time being, the OS versions mirror the breakdown -- OS9=90% of my time, OSX=10% (at most).

- Sean

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what about the number of mac users using type related softwares on this planet ?
I am curious to know, does anyone ?

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Again, John, I need to keep 9.0.4 on there to run the audio editing stuff. It doesn't even run under 9.1, otherwise I could use Classic. And audio editing is very, very dependent upon timing issues, and the main audio software packages (Cubase, Logic, Cakewalk) are only just starting to ship OS X versions. It's apparently very hard to write software to control timing inside OS X. Reason is shipping, which is cool, but I require Cubase for the VST support. (ReWire is the answer to a question nobody asked.)

But there will be a G4 or G5 in my future, probably early next year, depending on how business goes, and depending on when Apple finally sorts its G5 fabrication issues. (Or bails and goes with Intel.)

Personally, I think they should approach AMD.

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8.6, 9.0.4, & 9.1 on Yosemite machines

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os x on both my Cube and iBook.

i'm with sean on the dialogue boxes for saving, it's a little annoying. i haven't seen os 9 in months, though; so i'm used to it. (:

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No X here at home office, only use it at freelance job sites. Prefer 9.2.2 without X installed at the moment.

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Be careful, you'll alienate the hard-core MacHeads (some of whom I suspect debate the usefulness of a *keyboard*). ;-)


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I'm waiting until the last possible moment to switch, e.g. when Quark comes out for OS X.

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running on a powerbook g3/400 (firewire). i never used to think that os9's interface was ugly, but now i absolutely detest it. and now that photoshop and dreamweaver run natively in X, i NEVER reboot into 9 anymore (except to play aliens vs. predator, which doesn't run that well in X on an older machine).

i find that X runs slower on my machine than 9 did, but i'll take a slight speed hit for the hugely increased stability and features any day of the week.

'sfunny, the only app that consistently crashes on my machine is IE 5. go fig.

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Both, even though I'm using X mostly now, especially for InDesign 2 and Illustrator 10 (which is unusable on 9).
Using Suitcase in X, and hating it (buggy and clunky).
IE is almost unusable on X too.
I like PopChar X, though.

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I'm using OS X all the time now, it is stable and Mail is a lovely email application.
I run a lot of software via Classic which works well. The interface takes a little bit of getting used to, navigating folders using the horizontal slider confused me at first.
I like Aqua it is a nice UI, strange seeing how Apple who used to complain about Kai Krause breaking the HIG adopted his designs in the end.
It was worth spending the time to adjust.

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80% 9.2.2 for graphic design
20% X.1.5 for digitalaudio/video,java development (beats the hell out of a pc)

The super-drive iMac makes it real easy to switch between the two on the start-up disk. I guess I have no other choice; it always crashes when running the Classic emulator in X.

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A Nielsen Netratings survey prompted this
CNET article... Are Mac users smarter?

Mostly off topic, but worth reading if you want
to pat yourself on the back.

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X with robofog and fontlab in classic mode. i didn't want to switch, but i moved over to a powerbook and RF was having problems in 9.2.2.

indesign and photoshop for X are great. i can't stand quark, and don't miss it now that it doesn't run on my machine anymore.

my other favorite thing about X (besides native indesign) is that i can use unix to push files around in big batches. haven't gotten too much into the scripting yet, but i find myself working in the Terminal more than i ever thought i would.

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Hmmm difficult question.
I run 9.2.2 at work, and everything workz fine. I switch between X and 9 at home on my Ti/eMac. OS X gives me power, ease of configuration and stability, but OS 9 leaves me much more workspace. I hate Aqua, it looks so clumsy. Maybe

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Hmmm difficult question.
I run 9.2.2 at work, and everything workz fine. I switch between X and 9 at home on my Ti/eMac. OS X gives me power, ease of configuration and stability, but OS 9 leaves me much more workspace. I hate Aqua, it looks so clumsy. Maybe

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os 9.2.2 still...i've installed jaguar but it is still too clunky

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