Searching CSS files for fonts names

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I am curious who is using what web fonts and where and how. I was thinking that it would be great to see not just examples that people like to point to but to get a sense of what the broader impact is. To that end I have tried this afternoon to search on Google for CSS files + font names. I tried this syntax so far but none of these have been very useful.

"Limelight" filetype:css

and this:

Merriweather “filetype:css”

and this:

filetype:css Goblin

Do you have any suggestions?

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Regular Google searches do not find file names (unless, of course, a Web page contains the file name as text). So, for instance, if I search for a file that I know to exist on my Web server, e.g. apollonius.gif, it doesn't show up in Google. I am sure that Google are able to index file names, and could provide search functions explicitly targeting file names -- and also explicitly searching in .css files --, and also sure that they do such things internally. But this functionality is not available in the public search engine. The advanced search options only list document formats (PDF, DOC, PPT, etc.) in which to search, not Web source or style formats.

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Thanks John!

What I was hoping to find was text content found in a CSS file rather than a file name.

There may be reasons why this isn't easy or possible to do but if it were possible that would be a very useful thing to font developers because then you could see who uses your stuff ( a little interesting) but also how they use it ( very interesting! ).

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Google does index images. you can search via filename via Google's image search.

That said, they likely do not index CSS files. CSS files aren't HTML and Images are, so there's no reason for Google to index them.

Granted, Google certainly has the capability. See their source code search:

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I think they do search them. I have had conversations that lead me to think this is so.

But I think that they don''t think people want to find them and they are mostly 99% right about this.

I am just still hoping to find a way.

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