Sensato E Black

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Hi everybody,

Sensato is slowly but surely comming together. Underneath are the lowercase of Sensato E Black. Uppercase is under construction :-) ALL feedback is much appreciated.


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Oops, sorry for the wide pict. Ctrl-click > view image, should do the trick.

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Oh my gosh! this is brilliant! /xyz/ blew my mind! Nice job, Jasper!

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I agree with the first part of the above comment. You really nailed it with this one. But "v" and "w" look a bit unnatural and distorted to me, as well as (partly) "x".

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Lovely. Check out in small sizes if the spur on the f is big enough. The right one as in t is not really a stroke going through the stem, rather an ›add-on‹.

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Thanks guys :-)

This shouldn't, and probably won't be used at text size. I should create the extrabold, using interpolation to check out the spurs on t f g.

I can understand that w looks distorted, but nothing can be about it. What's wrong with v x?

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for "v" - the same thing as "w".

and "x" is OK, actually.

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Jasper, this is hot stuff. I’m looking forward to the release!

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Thanks Frode. I'm gonna have to disappoint yu on that one. It's gonna take sround a year before I finish the typefamily. Furthermore, there's a chance that I'll be selling it with an exclusive license for 1 to 5 years, meaning in the worst case, public release is due 6 years. In the mean time, I just keep working :-)

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Even better. I'd love to see you get paid for your hard work.

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v and w seem too narrow. This especially goes for v, which looks like a y with the tail cut off. I would make them wider, adjusting the weight of the stems.

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I though this one was used for the of "Forbes" magazine logo.

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Nice Sharing....Thanks

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I really like it.. and only if made a hard effort to find some little details just to be sure that's the better option I could pay attention on /v/ and /w/ looks them a very little bit slanted to right, so the right outter space of /v/ looks bigger than another gliph, but I could survive with that and I loved it anyway.. I would like to see the rest variant of this family I think could be so great and a really finest typeface.

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