Mac OS X 10.7 Lion & fonts

The pages on my Prepressure web site about the way various flavors of OSX deal with type have always been pretty popular. I've now started working on one about OS X 10.7 Lion. Can't wait to get my hands on the new OS, even though I only want to install it on a test partition. New operating systems always need some time to settle.

For some odd reason that new Emoji typeface fascinates me. I am aware that this is likely 'not done' on this site (insert bottom right emoticon here).

If anyone has information on which font file formats are supported in Lion, that would be appreciated. I cannot imagine Apple keeping up support for some of the older formats. They got rid of floppy drives early. They moved to an entirely new OS some 10 years ago. Now the new Mac Mini no longer has an optical drive. Apple is known for its willingness to get rid of technology they consider outdated. When will they dump Type 1 fonts?