Identification of a few fonts needed...

I'm looking for the fonts used in this license. Especially the typewriter like font for the filled in text, and the font of the "Operator's License" text. Any help is welcome!


Nobody can help me out here? Not even for the "Operator's License" font?

Little bump for this one. Really nobody?

Not a match, but Ocean Sans Extended is the closest I have found for 'Operator's License'.

Courier is close to the typewriter text:
(this might already be on your computer)

Other typewriter fonts here:

Can anyone identify the font on this magazine cover? Where it says 'Festival Chic'.

Hallo Rachel,

Narziss (Drops)

Awesome, thanks.

Need help with finding out what font this is itruereview, please see website

Please start a new thread for your question. You've added to a completely unrelated conversation.

When you do, please be more specific about which text your asking about - there appear to be many different typefaces on the page you've linked to - unless you mean what's on that annoying opening pop-up window.


Anyone know what the 'Tam O'Shanter' typeface is?