UK newspaper font from "The Telegraph"

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can anyone please help identify the attached font. I have tried all my font sample books with no luck.

It is the font used throughout the uk newspaper the telegraph


Johntelegraph font sample

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Some Googling came up with this profile of Walter Tracy, who designed a couple of fonts for the Daily Telegraph. 'Telegraph Modern' and 'Telegraph Newface' are both mentioned, but not linked (not Linotype faces, and maybe not commercially available -- I haven't looked for them yet, but I will.)

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Some other information I found made it sound as if Linotype Modern = Modern 880 = Telegraph Modern, but it is not identical to your sample. There are similarities, so I'd guess it is some variant of a Modern.

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Thanks for your help. much appreciated.

Yes I agree that this may be a varient that is not available commercially.


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