New release: “CA Cula” Family

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New release: “CA Cula” Family

Aloha Typophiles!

Cape Arcona Type Foundry is proud to announce our new release!

CA Cula is standing in the tradition of cool tempered sans serif typefaces like DIN. But at a closer look it reveals a tendency towards rounder reading-friendly forms. The denaturalized ink traps give CA Cula a very special and individual look in display sizes, whereas in smaller sizes the positive aspects of huge ink traps show effect. The text looks clean and bright without black dots in the typographic image. This makes CA Cula suitable even for longer text, while the bold weight makes pretty cool headlines.

If you are looking for the extra fat kick, look out for CA Cula Superfat.

Oh, CA Cula Light is for free. :)

It is available at Cape Arcona Type Foundry

and at

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Interesting traps!