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I've begun work on Frimbo Sans, a companion face to my first serif font, Frimbo. The goal is to retain some of the quirkiness of the original in the overall character while creating as even a color as possible. Glyphs like the lc "g" carry over nicely as does most of the punctuation. Other than that, I want this face to look more "finished" (interesting that this is a faster process than constructing the parent font), slightly darker, even, and legible. Things like the lc "o" need to change. Any suggestions on adjustments to individual glyphs would be appreciated. As would any other critique you have to offer. Oh, and Happy New Year!

application/pdfVery rough draft of Frimbo Sans
frimbosans.pdf (60.5 k)

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thanks to all the feedback I've been able to make substantial progress. I guess I need to manually kern g* and *u pairs. What do you all think (of the font)?

application/pdfrevisions now with Kafka!
meta.pdf (52.8 k)

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I persist in the perverse belief that this font does not suck and the lack of comments is due to people having lives. :-) Regardless, here is a third revision.

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meta1.pdf (35.1 k)

(now with the proper attachment)

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Hey Noah

Happy new year!

I am by no means an expert in analyzing a typeface in any other way than as a user (graphic designer). I would say that this face seems to be strongest when used as a headline - when it is set as body it has a jittery-ness that could be good or could be bad, it would be somewhat hard to say right now.

Is there anyway you could highlight your thoughts and process with deciding on the shapes of the letters. For example the uppercase U and the lower case u share some traits but the curves seem somehow off - is this intentional (as I assume it is) - if so, what lead you to making them this way?

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Seems like an interesting form... i like it a lot, has a strong identity.

I don't know if it will be very useful for text blocks... But i like it.

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