Rugby World Cup font

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Can someone pleeaase tell me which font they use for RWC branding, and where I can get it? Also the font under the Heineken logo. (These people are very strict about getting it right, but don't give easy access to vector files).

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Please move the thread to the Type ID Board.

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About the Rugby world cup logo font, I think it's a bespoke typeface, it was created by Witekite I think :

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Never mind the font, it would help if the logo designer knew what a rugby ball looked like, or could be bothered to render it with a more complex curve than an arc of circle. This looks like the more pointed American football, surely a faux pas.

But perhaps I am being too harsh and it is also supposed to represent a planetary highlight.

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I don't think that a logo has to be realistic to be good. I quite like it that way.

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