A complimentary face for Alejandro Paul's Affair?

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I love the look of Affair and I'm >thisclose< to buying it for a wedding invite project but I worry that I won't be able to set long stretches of type in it. (Also yes, I know it's probably a cliche at this point, and yes, I know some other member set her invites in Affair, but AP is my favorite designer and Affair is amazing.)

Anyway, are there some complimentary faces I should take a look at? Thanks!

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Perhaps a serif type with quaints (ct, st ligatures), to continue the flourishing theme.
Old style figures (for address, date, and time) and small caps (for R.S.V.P.) of course.

The precious typographic noodling required to implement such features in text is in keeping with the mannered quality of the swashes in Affair.

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Thank you so much, Nick. It's a real honor to have you come and answer my question. Much obliged!

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