Looking for Examples for Book Design Project

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I am working on a project to design two sets of religious books. One set will be meant for travel, and one set would be meant to be used at home. Each set will contain 5 or 6 books, with an eclectic combination of prose, poetry, scripture, and artwork.

Does anyone have examples they can share of well-designed books of this sort? I have seen some books designed by Bruce Rogers, and I love his clean style and generous use of white space.

More information:

    The most important feature for both sets is reading comfort.
    These books are meant to be read several times each day.
    The travel set needs to be very compact and relatively inexpensive.
    The home set can be very ornate and expensive.


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My favorite Bible is small, leather-covered (fold over at the edges—whatever the technical term for that is), 19th century letterpress, King James, set in a solidly leaded Scotch, very thin paper. It's a package alright.

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Have a look at Scott-Martin Kosofsky's Mahzor for the High Holidays, discussed in this thread.

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Thank you, Nick and Victor.

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