BIG BIG Tuscan type 1950's

Found this on the spine of a 1955 children's book titled: "BIG BIG Story Book". Any help with the identification is greatly appreciated.


Any guesses?

Would really like to know too... Unfortunately, I've found nothing, even loosely related...

In the 1950s, most commercial artists were trained to do display lettering by hand, so it's a distinct possibility this ain't a font. (The fact that the first and second BIG are identical might just mean someone drew it once and made a photostat.)

If it's a font, it's very likely a wood-type alphabet designed for poster use. If you must match it exactly, you might start by researching old wood-type alphabets. If it has been digitized, you may have some luck using keywords like circus, carnival, or rodeo.

Thank you for the input PublishingMojo! I will definitely do some research on the old wood-type alphabets. The only thing digital that I have seen that comes remotely "close" is Leathercrafter JNL by Jeff Levine and that's a little bit of a stretch. As for now, if I do end up finding something I will keep you guys updated.