Comic Typeface, Looks Like Mitt Snappin

I've been going through a lot of webcomics, trying to identify the typefaces which they use for their lettering.

One webcomic seems to have a particularly nice typeface for lettering:

Except that the exclamation mark is not slanted, this reminds me of the lettering of DC letterer Mitt Snappin, although there is also some resemblance to that of Marvel's Artie Simek. (The typeface, though, is definitely not Comicraft's Chatterbox, which closely resembles Artie Simek's lettering.)

Occasionally, I've noticed some imperfections in kerning:


To make things as easy as possible, here's a complete alphabet:

The comic itself, "Spying With Lana", would have to be categorized as NSFW, incidentally.


I've checked the catalogues of Blambot, Comicraft, and the comic fonts from Canada Type, as well as the Apostrophic Labs and VTC free comic fonts, but it turns out that while I don't see an exact match in the style of the type, but that could just be because some features are lost in reduction, the distinctive characteristics of the R, the W, the E, and the Q are matched in WhizBang, which I had encountered before, so that could be it.

Actually, looking at the provided specimen of WhizBang, they don't match in one very obvious respect: it would at least have to be letterspaced to match the word balloon examples shown.

Also, there is a subtle difference in the letter forms: the letter D in WhizBang does not have an overhang on the top (the letter P does), unlike the target face.

I asked the creator of the comic which face he used, and it turned out to be a budget face from a comic art supply house - BLcomic from Blue Line. They no longer sell that font.