fitness and martial arts logo

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Can anyone help me id the fonts used for this logo?
thanks in advance

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Fitness/You is Arial bold or black.

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Thanks you! any ideas of the phone number and the "4"

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The phone number is Futura. The 4 is Hobo

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actaully i found the font for number 4 and it is
Hobo Std Medium

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ah thanks Renko!

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Not Futura for the phone number, but probably a Futura rip off from one of the many ‘X.000 Top Quality Fonts’-Cds.

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How can you tell, it is from a knock-off CD, Jörg? Just curious …

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Well, i can’t, but the fact that the numerals are very close to Futura, just a bit clumsier in its proportions, might have led me to this judgement, together with the overall look of the graphic.
But after all, it was just a wild guess.

It seems to be Century Gothic Bold

Cheap font CD: No / Futura knock-off: (sort of) Yes

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The link you provided Joerg does not exist. I need it now for my pacquiao vs marquez blogs with regards to their fourth match up. Can you please assist me?

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Here is a new link for Century Gothic at MyFonts. They no longer use 'agfa' in their link.

- Mike Yanega

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