FF Nuvo Mono

Siegfried Rückel expands his typeface FF Nuvo with a monospaced variant for all weights, including Small Caps (!) and Italics. This offers new options for traditional and unusual designs. The design retains its stroke endings with “chipped” corners, which make them appear soft when seen from a distance or in small point sizes, but reveal their peculiar forms at a closer look. However its x-height was lowered somewhat in comparison to FF Nuvo to emphasize FF Nuvo Mono’s typewriter character. The calligraphic touch in the characters a, g and y make this typeface stand out among other typewriter-like faces, as do the alternate characters for a, g, k, s and y, which add typographic versatility.

FF Nuvo Mono is available on FontFont.com and FontShop.com, also in Office and Web versions. FF Nuvo Web Medium is still available for free download.

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