A beginner needs professional feedbacks

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All hail wise experts

I'm new to this site so... Hi there.
I'm working on this typeface (I've never finished one) and I could need some advice from more skilled eyes than mine. I don't have all the characters and havent done the kerning yet (because I suck at kerning).

Thanks for your constructive criticism.

(EDIT) To boring? you can tell me that as well. Please talk to me :)

(EDIT2) Do you need more information? This font is mainly inspired by the classic American Gothic fonts. I didn't really have a sertain goal in mind, I just combined elements I like (Though I heard thats the wrong way to do it)

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Welcome. But first things first and it will be harsh:

Another neutral text sans serif...
Go to whatfontis.com and run the search. You'll get a ton of similar typefaces. Because even a decade ago there already was an over-saturation for such style.
Then ask yourself: what can help your font stand out from the sea of others? Is it design (not the case yet), language support, opentype features, ornaments. Maybe being free? But then again, browse fontsquirrel.com for a bit.

That was only one part. Here's the other:
To design a working text typeface, you need a lot of experience. To make it a stand-out takes even more. On top of that, they take the longest to finish. Plus, you'll need bold and italic styles too.

What I'm trying to say is:
No one can forbid you to do it, but you'll be spending a lot of your time on a project that will be lost between typefaces having more original designs done by more experienced professionals (I'm no professional myself ). It's too steep learning curve. On the other hand, there are too much geometrical "circle + line" typefaces too.

Be original.

P.S. Capitals are too narrow...

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Thanks a lot for your Replie, Minerva

I know it's not original and I mainly did this one for myself. To learn the basics. Otherwise I waste original ideas to an unexpirienced technique :)

But I get what you are saing and you've given me a lot to think about.

P.S. Yes, they are too narrow - thanks

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"Otherwise I'd waste original ideas to an unexperienced technique"
That's a wrong view. You came here looking for experience in the first place.
If you have original idea, show it instead. Then both you and other people would have way more fun working. And the result would be meaningful too.

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Hmm, okay. Then I guess I'll be back in a few months or so.

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Just don't let this get you down.
Compared to other 1st timers, your design is pretty good.
There are no nonsenses and I like your smooth /S s/. These aren't easy to do.

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Thank you. That's encouraging.

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