Blackletter put up for critisism in the Critique > Sans Serif forum

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I put a blackletter up for criticism here.

It is a very light blackletter, intended to lure people to think it is a Roman font. It's most possibly of no interest to Rockers(*) that like fake blackletter fonts, but I imagine it could be fun to criticize for other real blackletter nerds.

So far it has only attracted the attention of one critique and I'm kind of stuck (I want to start making bolder faces and kurrents, but not until I know that the general shapes and ideas are good enough), so I'm in need of more input.

(*) I just love that word. How a widespread euphemisms for wanking (rock) and banging (rock & roll) became synonymous to a music and life style, through just a few songs with badly disguised sexual innuendo, is just to fun.

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