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Hello, as quite a few of you know, I have been working on religious and classical reprints recently. I am trying to find a good logo to put everything under at this point. I have a few ideas.

First, the proposed title of my little project is "Antiquae Litterae Foederi Arcae" or ALFA for short. This translates to "Time-honored Letters for the Ark of the Covenant."

The structure of the logo I have thought of so far is this: the letters ALFA in some kind of roman face in front of a light grey Fleur-de-lis (a traditional symbol of the Virgin Mary, the Trinity, and Christ). I am uncertain as to which face to use, or even if this idea is any good.

The project focuses on reproducing Latin-language classics, and some of the projects highest on the list include an edition (with long vowel notation) of the Aeneid and an edition of St. Augustine's Confessions - appropriate, I think, as Augustine admired greatly Vergil.

Thank you.

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Sounds like an interesting idea; how would it be different from the existing projects in this field (Loeb and so forth)? Adobe Jenson might work: it's a nice, sturdy humanistic type that actually works in digital form.

I might suggest that you make the name 'arcae foederis'; it's much more common usage. (After a quick search, the only two instances I could find of 'foederis arca' in its various forms were humanistic Latin, and one of these was due to the metre.) Of course, 'litterae antiquae' would also be the usual order, though this would be too easy to read as 'antiquae arcae'.

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The reasoning for the order of Foederi Arcae is due to the Litany of Loreto - it is meant as a reference to the Blessed Virgin. Keeping the words in the same order as the Litany brings a clearer reference to the Litany. That was my reasoning, at least.

(you must pardon my unusual ordering - if it is grammatically correct, I tend to be fairly free with word order in Latin)

Unlike Loeb, I do not intend to provide translations. I intend for no English anywhere in the texts. Loeb, I noted, also does Greek texts, my project does not, at least for now.

There will probably be a few custom works (like an entirely Latin-language prayer book - I have seen only one produced in the last 150 years) included. I may make a distinction between the Roman projects and the Christian projects in this effort, but I am uncertain of that as of now.

I am also wanting to use a particular style of typography throughout. I am quite partial to the Classicist style (also called Modern or Didone), while I also like some moderate decoration. I do not think fusing the two would work well, however (except maybe with an early Bodoni? The only one I know of is ITC's remake). In short, I want editions that both are beautiful in what they say but also in how they appear.

Thank you.

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