Which one?

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Working on a personal project. Wondering which letter Q do you prefer? Also which K?

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First Q, second K.

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Both the Q and the K would depend on what the rest of the typeface looks like. The Q with the centered tail is quirky and doesn't scan quickly, but it might be appropriate if the rest of the alphabet exhibits similar characteristics.

The K's don't stand alone - the first K has a broad, extended appearance, while the second K is more vertical and sleeker. Which one matches the other glyphs?

Taken by themselves, I like the first Q and second K as members of an alphabet; for artistic value, I like the second Q. And still the second K.

But then, that's why there's Open Type and alternate glyphs!

- Herb

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I agree with both. As stand alone letters I like the first Q and second K, but that could easily change depending on their surroundings. Are the letters a part of a typeface?

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1st Q
2nd K


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