Large-capacity Fontlab encoding and codepage files

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Having recently read this and several Typophile threads concerning extended glyph sets, I thought I might share some custom FL codepages and encodings I had compiled. I made them for TypeTool, but I believe they will work with FLS also. The files were too large to attach to this post, so I have linked to them instead.

These Adobe Latin encoding pages are based on the Adobe Latin-3, -4, and -5 lists from the link above. Each contains the specified glyphs from the Adobe lists in Unicode order (i.e. space 1, exclam 2, quotedbl 3...) with .notdef as 0. Each Unicode glyph is referenced by the name given in the Adobe sources. However, non-Unicode glyphs are referenced by unixxxxyyyyzzzz names instead of the given Adobe names. (It seemed more logical to me based on this, but if that's wrong, just tell me and I'll correct it.) The files contain the following header:

%%FONTLAB ENCODING: 23; Adobe Latin-3
%%GROUP: Adobe Latin
%%Source: Adobe Latin-3
%%Release: 2011-08-15
%Compiled by Tucker Meyers

I wasn't sure what to put for the number after "Fontlab Encoding:" so I chose 23, 24, and 25 since they didn't seem to be taken yet. (Again, correct me if I'm wrong here.) Note also that I chose to place these encodings in their own "Adobe Latin" group (just a personal preference).

These are six codepage files, each of which represents a Unicode plane. Each of the six populated planes - 0, 1, 2, 14, 15, and 16 - contains all of its 65 536 codepoints (including reserved/nonexistent ones like 038B and FFFE - I didn't have the patience to go through each plane by hand and remove all of them). As the Fontlab manuals point out (p.110 in TypeTool, 147 in Studio), "If you select one of these [double-byte] codepages, you will see an additional control to the right of the codepage selection list in the toolbar.... This control allows you to select a 'page' of the codepage. Theoretically, we may have 256 pages of 256 codes each, which give us 65,636 codes. In practice none of the known codepages has that many codes and usually less than half than number." If I recall correctly, it was reading this statement that urged me to compile these files. Here is a sample header from Plane 16:

%%FONTLAB CODEPAGE: 0xFFFF; Unicode Plane 16
%%Source: Unicode 6.0
%%Release: 2011-07-30
%Compiled by Tucker Meyers

Once again, my choice of group name was simply a matter of preference. And I didn't know what the 0xFFFF was for, so I left it there.

I hope these help. Feel free to download, distribute, modify - basically do anything you want with these files. (But if you do modify, distribute, etc., I'd appreciate if you left my name in the header.)

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Very cool. I'll review them and, if you don't mind, I'd be happy to incorporate them into the distribution.

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I don't mind at all - I'd consider it an honor!

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