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I need some opinions on the letter spacing in this logotype. Does the negative space between characters look equal/uniform? I've been staring at this thing for too long now, I could use some help from the pros.The logotype is for a restaurant that will be named Chefs' Palate. This lettering is all hand done so the line weights are still not equal, once I import to Illustrator I'll fiz those up but I want to get the letter spacing correct first. The crossbar of the f and the apostrophe form a heart, to add the element of love for what the chefs do.

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The heart is a cute idea, but it might be too much to put into this logo. The flow is not working from f to s. This is overall a very nice script. I think the f and probably s need to be reworked either way. Great start!

p.s. there is a logo section of this forum where you might get better feedback.

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Thanks you for the feedback, that s is my downfall, I haven't been able to get the flow right on it. I'll keep working on it though.

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Looks nice!

Here are a few ideas:
- Try making the cap C smaller or bigger. For logos, making it bigger can work pretty well.
- Try joining the f descender with the underline, and detach it from the s

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