FF Tundra, Ludwig Übele’s Award-Winning New F(F)amily

FontFont designers have been recipients of prestigious type design awards, but few can claim to have been even before their creations were officially published. Ludwig Übele’s FF Tundra — a recipient of a Certificate of Excellence in Type Design at this year’s TDC2 competition — is now available for licensing.

FF Tundra is a narrow serif typeface with stressed forms and soft contours. The idea evolved from looking at a page in a book of the Bremer Presse from 1925 when Ludwig Übele was fascinated by the balance and incredibly perfect lines. At that time, he was investigating how a narrow typeface should look for optimal readability. In FF Tundra he combined strong serifs, flat shoulders (see n) and open but heavy endings (see a, e, c) with a moderate contrast to achieve a balanced, legible typeface with a certain softness and humanity. FF Tundra has been designed for continuous text, but is also suitable for magazines and headlines (especially the Extra Light) and will surely work in newspapers as well. The family consists of six weights from Extra Light to Bold, each with Italics and Small Caps and many OpenType layout features.

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