Licencing your artwork, terms and conditions, part/full ownership

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Licencing your artwork, terms and conditions, part/full ownership

Hi all,

Just interested to know if anyone here has experience with licencing/legal knowledge of your artwork.

Take for example a client comes to me and says they want their own name created from the ground up (the letters custom created etc).

Obviosuly I would charge a normal graphic design rate or agreed price or by the hour etc for that service and I supply them with a illustor file containing the graphic which they can use for their website or as stickers on there motorbike, business cards etc or something like I thought would be intended.

But say one day they become world famous and that custom lettering I created becomes a major part of their identity and then they start selling, tshirts, flags, cups / merchandise with the use of that custom lettering I made.

At the end of the day does it come back to me and using my own business knowledge to be sure to set out in a Terms and Conditions document etc, that when first creating the artwork we agree in that document that they don't have full ownership of my design when I first create it??? And that I must be renumerated appropriatley if they are selling the creation as merchandise etc???

I haven't run into this situation yet but was just thinking how some of the world famous athletes and there original designers come to an agreement. (for example there are some world famous motorsport people who have run the same original number and style their entire careers and have sold merchandise with that original design throughout their careers, be interested to know if the original designer gets a little slice on each item sold, or if in the first place the athlete/manager paid a lump sum fee for total ownership and control originally.)

I have heard that Michael Bay gets a little slice of every Movie Transformer figure that is sold, and know about the Nike swoosh logo story.

Any ideas, knowledge would be great

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Check out House Industries' EULA.
It differs from the norm with respect to logo/branding uses.