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Crete Round

Crete Round started as a tailored version of Crete, created specially to serve as corporate typeface for the upcoming type design competition Letter.2. It has been added later and is more independent from the original styles with changed terminals and serifs to create two new fonts that deliver a more contemporary and functional appearance. Furthermore, the new styles proved to be surprisingly efficient for web use.

The accompanying Italics have several different lettershapes and therefore have, in some cases, their own widths. However, they sit comfortably next to the uprights. The names refer to the change in serif weight instead of increasing vertical stem widths.

After being available only as webfont, Crete Round is now obtainable in our webshop.
For a limited time, we offer a 25% discount on the Crete Round bundle (USE CODE 99d11132 DURING CHECKOUT).

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