1972 Munich Olympics - Why Univers over Helvetica? - Otl Aicher

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I had come across a well detailed explanation on why Otl Aicher chose Univers over Helvetica when he designed the 1972 Munich Olympics. I don't remember if it was on the Internet or printed (maybe Markus Rathgeb's book "Otl Aicher"). Now I have scoured the web to no avail; I'm probably missing a keyword.

Any information you are able to provide on Aicher's thought process of choosing Univers over Helvetica for the 1972 Munich Olympics would greatly be appreciated. Even though I'm primarily looking for Aicher's reasons, your insight is welcome.

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There are many references and links to Aicher's projects in this typophile thread.

Personal insight: I worked with Otl Aicher during the development and release of Rotis. There was no mistaking his long term closeness and admiration of Adrian Frutiger and the Univers matrix.

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Norbert, thanks. Would you have the means to make the links in your post available again? Especially http://www.id.iit.edu/~mebert/aicher.pdf

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I did a search of the Illinois Institute of Technology archives and here is the new link to pdf Towards Corporate Culture.

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I think the passage you are looking for might be on p87 of Markus Rathgeb’s book.
Do you have a copy to hand?

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No, unfortunately I don't have the book. I'll see if it's available at the library. // Thanks

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