Please help me ID this bold font with subtle serifs

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So, I am usually fairly savvy when it comes to finding the font I am looking for, but this one has got me jammed. Any of the font identification programs aren't working - the attributes are quite common I think, and I have not even pulled up anything close.

I am recreating this logo for this football team and although I did my best to clean the jpg I was given, now I must create the vector logo for vinyl and the inconsistencies in the letters are killing me. So I don't have to just redraw these letters, could someone please help me identify this font?

Your help is much appreciated.

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Well, in trying to attach the image, I seem to have posted twice. If I knew how to remove it, I would, sorry. I thought I attached a file, but apparently I didn't. This "insert image" did nothing the first time. Let's try that again.

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How fitting....


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