New Hebrew Typeface for critic

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this is haimon my new font. hope you critic hebrew/

HaimonTest.pdf (405.5 k)

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Pretty good; transforming Hebrew into a grotesque is not an easy task.

Points to consider:

Keep in mind whether you're going for a flat or rounded top

The samech could use a rounder bottom stroke to better differentiate it from the final mem.

The extra lip looks good on some of the letters, but falls kind of flat on the feys.

Also, the hey needs to be tightened up; there's more whitespace inside the letter than there is between it and the vav.

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I agree that the traps on the feys are not working.

The roundness of the tops is a nice idea, but the way the curves on the tops of the letters flatten toward the left is currently awkward; you need to tweak this, though maybe not much. I agree about the top gap above the 'leg' of the hey - also the kof. Is the beit to wide? Would just slightly narrowing the verticals help or hurt?

I am not that knowledgeable on Hebrew, so take this all with a grain of salt. I would compare your letter proportions to other successful 'sans' style Hebrew faces.

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I like the round tops, Hebrew characters tend to be excessively boxy. You have flat tops on a few letters and I wonder why those particular letters: delet and quf for instance. Does the font look bad if all the letters are rounded?

The final tsadeh looks uncomfortable.

However I think it's good that you differentiate the heh from the het by exagerating the white space in the hey. In some Hebrew fonts these two letters are almost identical.

In smaller sizes, the "lip" on top left of the het, mem, samech, peh and tav is almost invisible. Maybe you could make it more pronounced.

It would be nice to see a page of text - or at least a few sentences with some punctuation.


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The rounded tops of the letters are the "key" to your font - it's a smart thing to choose which letters will get the rounded feature and which won't, but you still have a small problem with consistency. I would advise turning to FrankRuhl and observing the differences between letters like Dalet and Resh.

You have a very gracious Samekh... That's it, I don't think I have any more to add to the previous comments posted... Good luck!

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