Easiest way to edit font metadata

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What is the easiest way to edit a set of metadata in a font? For instance, when I look at the information of a font in fontexplorer, the name/copyright/description/etc? I want to be able to easily enter data into a font, for my own purposes, such as adding the proper designer to a font that linotype/monotype/whoever has graciously stripped out.

I don't want to load Fontlab or anything, I want to be able to edit the metadata similarly to how I can edit meta data of MP3 files in iTunes.


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But you should be aware that what is presented to you as metadata in font management tools is drawn from various places in the font tables. Also note that data in some table, including the name table -- which contains most of the data you are likely to want to edit --, is likely to have multiple platform encodings and possibly language-specific versions. You'll need to identify which to edit in order to affect your own system.

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Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about the MS font properties editor; I have not used it for a few years, but it used to be a standard tool. For Dan's purposes this will probably do the job, and is free.

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That looks pretty sweet. I don't particularly need to edit font names, etc. This is very close to what I need. I'll have to do some switcheroo to get it to play nice with my Mac, but it can be done.


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As a side note, would I be able to do this via the command terminal using AFDKO?

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This ties into a question I was going to post. It finally dawned on me that I was overlooking an excellent opportunity to market font packages by co-branding them with entities who have OEM distribution agreements with me.

Is there a batch processing program that would allow me to change copyright information, insert or swap out a single glyph, and increment the version number for several hundred fonts at a time?

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