(x) Navigation buttons - Verdana {Ryan}

Hi all,

Anyone, pls. help! m on deadline and really need to find this font. been looking for hours…tnx much

image/bmpsample 1
btn_GAME_options_pressed copy.bmp (3.7 k)

image/bmpsample 2
btn_MNGR_close_normal copy.bmp (9.3 k)


They look like Verdana, but they’re probably some base-Microsoft system font. Where are they from?

I was just handed these graphics to reconstruct. its part of a website called victorypoker.com. this button is used in their poker software.

it does look like verdana ‘cept for the c and s…

I think the C and the S come from a low-qual jpg probably used for those buttons. Verdana will make it look better and cleaner than the original.