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Valentine's ad for gift shop

Hello all,

I’m a graphic design student, and have been given a job of designing an ad. It is for a gallery/gift shop, and I’ve been told it should have a valentine’s day theme. It’s to be marketed to older women (45-70). And it’s B/W
This particular assignment has a few challenges that I’m unaccustomed to…
1) the target audience: I’m a young man, so I don’t easily identify with them
2) The ad dimensions are extremely verticle (2.375” x 11.75”)

One idea I had was to model the ad after, say 1960’s ads to young women. I thought this might set it apart from other ads on the page. (It’s going into a newspaper insert). I also thought this may bring forth nostalgic feelings in the target audience.

As far as typfaces, I think I’ll use Bodoni, probably Bodoni Poster for the headlines. It seems to be 60’s like, feminine, and elegant.

What I would like a few pointers on, is
1) What do you think about the concept?
2) Where can I find some good references online for old ads? (I’ve been looking around, and havn’t found anything inspiring yet)
3) Any pointers on working with such narrow dimensions.

Thanks in advance, for any pointers. I’m going to go do some thumbnails; I’ll check back here later…


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Geppetto, get a copy of the publication perferably last years version of the same issue. Look at the pages and see what they are like. Are they crowded and dense or sparse and open. Design your ad to stand out from the environment its likely to be in. My question are: Are you selling something? Is the ad copy heavy? Allow the content of the ad lead you to the theme or concept.

Consider making it a vertical ad or work on a diagonal. Both ideas would be visually disruptive.