500 years of typography: A Beautiful Book in the making

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The idea for a Book on Books comes from John Boardley – the well-known editor of ilovetypography.com, the Codex magazine and inventor / originator of lots and lots of other interesting and innovative activities in the field of typography. He will edit the paper version of our work and write about the typefaces. We hope to publish it with Gestalten.

We have been working quite hard on it for a year now. Most books have been selected and now the captions have to be written. This is my job and this is where this blog comes in. I decided to use this medium as a stage for our prepress work. To share our work with you and listen to your comments. It is a place to experiment with new ways of presenting books. It makes the writing less a lonely pilgrimage and more like working in the corner of a coffeeshop or cafe where you can write and greet old and new friends.

I have asked historian and former librarian of the British Library dr Jaap Harskamp to join me. He is an expert in 19th century cultural history and books and in the modern movement. He will write short essays on all kinds of books and edits the rest.

The blog will contain more than the book: we decided to incorporate books that are famous for their content too (Descartes comes to mind, Spinoza). We think that this juxtapose will be very interesting indeed.

Paul Dijstelberge

- curator at the Amsterdam Special Collections and associate professor for the history of the book.


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