"Magnel" now FREE for Typophiles

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Sold at MyFonts and previously named "Magnola"
Due to lots of images I'll just link to presentation on Behance instead.

Just send me a message for promo code (but you can't be fresh to forums).

The features are:

    • Probably every latin accent there is.
    • Smart swashes that occur only at the beginning/end of the line. They don't work in MyFonts preview engine though – you need OT application for that.
    • Lots and lots of ligatures (accented too).
    • Oldstyle (default) and Lining numerals.
    • English and Portuguese ordinals.
    • Capital spacing, common fractions, scientific nominators and denominators.

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Very nice work. Love the "gg" glyph!

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Nice work! Congratulations.

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Thanks ^^

Some people were wondering is the price a limited promotion or I'm just stupid...
In fact, I planned to give this font away for free, but I wanted to "see how the market works" too.
I'm well aware of font pricing (I visit MyFonts every day), but as a recent student and currently unemployed post-graduate I can't afford to buy a display typeface for $30 just because I like it. Even if I could - what would I do with my expensive purchase? Use it somewhere once or twice? Music albums or books take years to make and still they cost about ten bucks.
Also, such low price is attention-grabbing.

On the contrary, MyFonts has (because they do no selection) plenty of typefaces that cost three times as much but I wouldn't download them even for free, because they don't have my diacritics and/or good kerning, anatomy.

I think in the future font market will have to follow current music industry's trend to give something (or everything) for free and make money from extra special products. There's just such a huge oversaturation of fonts. Especially neutral text and sans-serif ones.

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I agree there are too many bad fonts available, and some of these are way too expensive. I don't think offering a high quality font cheaply is likely to change that. I guess MyFonts is based around offering everything to anyone, which means it's often frustrating for good typographers to find good typefaces.

My concern with offering your font at such a low rate would be that it might be judged to reflect that it's not worth very much, and may be overlooked if people notice the kinds of expensive rubbish that clutter up the amateur font world.

The other thing to bear in mind is that for some designers, fonts are their profession and they have to make a living from sales. I don't think there's any sense to compare the price of font licences with buying a CD. A font is software, and plenty of software is a lot more expensive than a music CD. The other thing with music CDs is that the sales volumes are many times higher than for an average font.

At any rate, the font industry is changing rapidly as we speak — I'm sure in the future we'll be licensing fonts on demand so we pay only when we use them.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the market works, if you're able to share any conclusions in the future.

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Eight bucks is a ridiculous price. And not in a good way. The quality control on Myfonts deserves some critique though. As of now, they’re the K-Mart of fonts.

Music albums or books take years to make and still they cost about ten bucks.
Define “cost”! You can’t compare the market for fonts with the market for music. There are no concerts for fonts, no font merch industry, no type designers on TV advertising a can of soda. Fonts are professional tools, and the good ones are bound to cost more than the bad ones.

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Yea, you both seem right about comparison thing. My youth's maximalism...
Anyway, how much you think I should have charged for it? :)

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$30 at least. You have to bear in mind that the vast majority of your customers will not be Lithuanian students like yourself, but American graphic designers who can easily afford $30. Sure, you might lose a few sales charging higher, but you don't have to sell as many to earn as much! It's all about finding a balance. You can always offer a non-commercial and commercial license, to cater for both kinds of customer, or even let it be known that students etc. can contact you for a discount code. Selling fonts too cheap doesn't do you any favours - it will reduce the shelf life because you sell more, it is far more likely to be pirated quickly because someone will think less of 'sharing' their $8 purchase than their $30 purchase, and it doesn't climb as high up the Hot New Fonts / Bestseller listings where you then get extra publicity.

While it's quite noble that you price your font at 'what you would pay for it' I think you should price your font at 'what you would value it at'. Sometimes this might backfire and you don't sell any, other times you'll have a big hit and cash in. It all evens itself out.

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I find it hard to answer because, frankly, this face is nothing groundbreaking new. It’s nice, but not something terribly unique or of high quality. I’m afraid you’ll drop below the radar (just one of the many) on Myfonts, and not experience too many sales unless you make some smart marketing moves. Perhaps $30 is a nice price, and you can just “write it off” as a learning experience. If you intend to target Lithuanian students, how about marketing it with a promo code for them?

Please don’t get me wrong. This is way better than my first efforts :)

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Do they rank Bestsellers/HNF's by items sold or $ earned?

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Some undisclosed mixture of the two but seems weighted towards $

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It's #10 already :)

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MyFonts customers sure do love their swashy decorative fatface typefaces (Reina especially).

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If you've been a forums user, you can download it for free now – send me a message for promo code. :)

P.S. It may take a day or two for MyFonts to activate promo though.

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Hi, i'm very interested about typography Magnel, please can you send me a code to use it?
thanks a lot

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Hi Minerva, your ligatures system is lovely.
If you have any promo code still available, I’d kindly ask for it :)
Feel free to ask me about any help about Glyphs app. On my website you'll find an email form; I don't want to be spammed by robots ;)

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Hi there, love the font. If you have the promo code available I would love it. Just bought the regular version but would like the Glyphs too! Keep up the good work.

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Hmmm, think I saw it somewhere before that too....

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Doh! ;-) Good one, Dave!

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Beautiful work, if it is still possible to get a promo code from you I would appreciate it.

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807 kern pairs!

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Well, Mrs Eaves has like 30-something, and it's made tons of money. :-/


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Counting kerning pairs is very silly, I know. But I still wrote that because it was in theme with "numbers".

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Well, Mrs Eaves has like 30-something, and it's made tons of money. :-/

And I have made tons of money correcting it for clients.

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Happy to hear it! (And happier to hear Emigre allowed you to.)
BTW, you must have respaced the whole thing, right?

Eimantas, James probably meant that the number is too small to brag about.


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Nice work, a black face is not so current. Still possible to ask for this promo-code for your font ? The discussion about pricing was interesting also.

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Very nice. My type vocabulary is not what it ought to be, so unfortunately I can't get much more specific than that without risking a fully-warranted n00b beating.

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super nice!

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