Slab Serif with Ball Terminals

I've tried inserting and attaching my image every way possible but keep getting an error although I am following the guidelines in every possible way. Now going about inserting the image another way . . .

This is a label from a bottle of room spray that has been hanging out in a drawer for years now. The packaging has since been updated. Thanks!


Awww, Man!! I wish it were a cleaner version of American Typewriter. Like an extra-light, wide version of clarendon.

How wide? Seen Parry?

Thanks guys! I think I like Parry and Suomi Slab Serif best . . . just wish there was a wider version similar to [[|inlove]] but with serif qualities of the former.

I like to use inlove as a display font in all lower-case letters without any of the funky, slanted characters. I'm pretty sure this is the font [[|istockphoto]] has been using for some time now, right?

So maybe one of you should create a suomi slab serif/inlove font combo . . . something simple to use as display text. . . . I would buy it.

Would you pay me to make it?

InLove is closer to some [[|Lubalin Graph]] to me, adding the slanted letters concept from "Lubalin Graph Sans" [[|Avant-Garde]]. For istockphoto, don't think it's InLove, more probably [[|RNS Camelia]], which is really close to... Lubalin Graph.
You might also like [[|Monroe]], (overused and clearly not my cup of tea) [[|Museo Slab]], [[|St Marie]] and [[|Adelle]].