Need help choosing a clean, modern news typeface: Critique my newsletter!

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So I'm having to redesign a newsletter for a start-up technology company and what the previous designer left behind was a little...cute and whimsical, instead of clean and professional. The typefaces in my up-to-date version is Times new roman 10 pt for the body at 14pt leading, News Gothic headings. I have some questions and I'd like some critique!

Typefaces - I've used Futura, News Gothic and Gotham for their other collateral. Which one for headings, and what is a good compliment for body text? I've tried all of them as body text and its not working out very well..I need a modern looking complimentary typeface that reads well in news column format.

Photos - as you can see I'm trying for a cleaner, modular layout with the images. Is it working or not? what can I do to improve the look? I want it clean, tidy and impressive looking.

Photo captions - what size should I use, what positioning and what typeface?

Overall Layout - any critique or ideas are welcome! I'm eager to learn anything I can from more experienced designers and typographers.


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