(x) Where can I buy or download the Lorrenne typeface? {Patricia}

I can’t find a place to buy or download the Lorrenne typeface. I use PC.


I believe this font, here called Sisman, is what you’re looking for. It’s also called Lys Calligraph, Lysandria, Windsor Sword (you can buy it also here but not sure if it’s Mac or PC).

As far as I know Lys Calligraph is the proper name for the typeface, as that is the name in both the Solotype Catalog and the Phil’s Photo book. Lorrenne was the NovelFonts digitization, and I can’t find any site that carries anything more than one or two isolated NovelFonts any more. Lysandria is circulating as freeware at a number of sites, but you will need to find them on your own because they have other questionable fonts at some of these sites. Sisman is apparently one of the David Rakowski scanned fonts, originally offered as freeware, now being sold by Intecsas.

It was a photo-type that exists now in several digitizations. This thread in November had more information.

Considering that this is the third request we’ve had for this font in as many months (not including my off-line correspondance with you, Mike) I think it’s about time someone did a proper commercial digitizationof it. And of course called it by it’s proper name.

It’s tempting to agree with you, but who do you know that wants the job? Considering the number of versions floating around, even with wrong names, does the world really need another one?

If someone was able to do something like ligatures and alternate characters, that might make it worthwhile as a font purchase. I see Dan Solo is back in the font making business. Do you think he would want to do it?