Bleeding Cowboys based on what font?

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What font is Bleeding Cowboys based on?

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As the creator himself tells if you read the comments for this font on dafont: it is based on Oklahoma by Harold's Fonts:

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3.5 million downloads, not too shabby.

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I have a similar question. Fifteenth Century, later misnamed Caslon Antique, apparently can't be justly called Jenson Antique or Aldus Antique either. What, if anything, was it based on?

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So that's what it's called.

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@Nick: And 3.4 million of those were for band flyers.

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I actually typeset an annual report in 8.5pt Bleeding Cowboys.

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*faint...* *THUD!*

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If there is a market in making a pro version of it with faux randomisation of contextual alternatives?

The way it is right now could even limit amateur band flyer designers. :D

just kidding.

apparently there is a market!

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What was Oklahoma based on?


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From my upcoming talk at Typo San Francisco, The Look of Sound:

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