New Fonts: ITF Devanagari and Kohinoor Gurmukhi

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New Fonts: ITF Devanagari and Kohinoor Gurmukhi

The Indian Type Foundry is pleased to announce two new font families: ITF Devanagari, a classic-styled Devanagari typeface, and Kohinoor Gurmukhi, another addition to the Kohinoor super type family.

ITF Devanagari is a Devanagari typeface in classical proportions with higher contrast between the thick and thin strokes which makes it suitable for setting books, magazines, and strict demands of the newspaper printing. It consists of five weights and it optimised for superb legibility and use at small sizes. Its higher contrast makes it ideal to match serif Latin typefaces.

Kohinoor Gurmukhi is a lower contrast typeface suitable for both body and display text. A highly functional typeface family that is easy to work with and inviting to read.

Kohinoor super type family currently supports Latin, Devanagari, Tamil and Gurmukhi, over 150 languages and 1.5 billion native speakers. The long term plan is to make Kohinoor support all official writing scripts of India. Kohinoor Gujarati is at the last stage of development and will be published soon. Kohinoor Bengali, Kohinoor Malayalam, and Kohinoor Kannada are scheduled for 2012.

Satya Rajpurohit

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Lovely job, Satya, impecable taste! :D