Busorama and the mystery of the missing alternates

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Joined: 8 Sep 2005 - 9:54pm
Busorama and the mystery of the missing alternates

I am looking to purchase a full-family version of the font ITC Busorama, including the alternate characters.
ITC sells all three weights of the family, but apparently without any of the alternates.
I've found some pirated/free versions that do include at least some of the alternates.

My questions (for anyone who cares or has any info):

1. Do you know of a legal source I can get the Busorama family including the alternates?
2. Why, oh why, would a font foundry, in this case ITC, go to the trouble to digitize an older typeface and leave out some of the characters? This seems to reflect a lack of regard for their own products, and certainly for their customers.
3. In your opinion, is it unethical to download pirated versions of the font if that's the only place I can get the alternate characters?

Thanks for any info or thoughts you have on this.

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Joined: 21 Apr 2005 - 8:16am

1. Check with House Industries PLINC division; a photofilm version undoubtedly exists. Whether or not House has digitized this particular one is not certain, however.

2. ITC probably digitized the typeface before the advent of OpenType, so the available character set within a single font was limited; even so, yeah—it's kinda dumb not to include at least some alternates in the lowercase slots.

3. No. Buy the legit product and create your own alternates in Illustrator or CorelDraw or whatever.